Social and Economic Justice

Promoting Equality for Everyone

NIFC works to reduce social and economic gaps as a means of safeguarding democracy and building a cohesive society.

With 1 in 3 Israeli children living below the poverty line, the Israeli public is more united behind the desire for social and economic justice than on any other single issue.

Specifically, our work focuses on some of the most critical root causes of socio-economic gaps: the lack of housing options and deep inequality in the distribution of public resources.

Examples of recently-funded projects include Adva’s gender equality analyses of Israel’s state budget and Bizchut’s disability rights hotline.

Adva Center

Education on Social and Economic Rights

The Adva Center monitors inequality in Israel’s budgets and social services, while its educational programs empower marginalized groups to participate in policy-making. Our 2020 project educates the public with a focus on gender issues and the cost of the occupation. In the current crisis, our project is providing much-needed information on pre-existing social gaps in Israel.

This is what we achieved this year together. Thank you!

This is what we achieved this year together. Thank you!

As 2020 comes to an end, a year of deep crisis across the world, we reflect on how it affects us all in profound ways. We know that this is a tough time for everyone. COVID has slowed down the rhythm of lives everywhere, but it has also exacerbated existing problems....

Providing Adequate Healthcare During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed large gaps and inequalities in healthcare throughout the world. Israel is no exception. N (we are only using an initial for privacy reasons), a Palestinian woman from the Galilee, was refused treatment at the dialysis centre covered...

Calling for Accountability with 1,019 Empty Chairs

Earlier this month, Omdim Beyachad (Standing Together), an organization funded by the NIF global network, made national headlines with a chilling and creative protest using 1,019 empty chairs in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square. Each chair had the name of an Israeli who died...

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