Social and Economic Justice

Promoting Equality for Everyone

NIFC works to reduce social and economic gaps as a means of safeguarding democracy and building a cohesive society.

With 1 in 3 Israeli children living below the poverty line, the Israeli public is more united behind the desire for social and economic justice than on any other single issue.

Specifically, our work focuses on some of the most critical root causes of socio-economic gaps: the lack of housing options and deep inequality in the distribution of public resources.

Examples of recently-funded projects include Adva’s gender equality analyses of Israel’s state budget and Bizchut’s disability rights hotline.

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I)

Promoting Social and Economic Opportunities in Israel’s Northern Periphery

Physicians for Human Rights (PHRI) delivers medical services to and raises awareness about underserved populations in Israel. Our 2022 project will support the management, recruitment, and engagement of PHRI’s medical volunteers, in order to improve the quality of humanitarian assistance that PHRI’s volunteers provide.

New Israel Fund's Shatil

Promoting Social and Economic Opportunities in Israel’s Northern Periphery

Shatil is the operating arm of the New Israel Fund that strengthens the forces building a just, democratic and shared society in Israel. Our 2022 project will aim to bridge the gaps in health care in northern Israel by building the capacity of Jewish and Arab health activists in the north through trainings and partnerships, and monitoring the implementation of recent government decisions to improve health in the Arab community.

Preventing the Disconnection of Electricity

Preventing the Disconnection of Electricity

The Israel Electric Authority amended its criteria for cutting off electricity to households following a Supreme Court ruling last January that electricity is a constitutional right that is inseparable from dignity, life, and health. The new criteria will protect an...

Uncovering the Human Toll of the Gaza Blockade

Uncovering the Human Toll of the Gaza Blockade

Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip over the past 15 years has had disastrous effects on the lives and health of its Palestinian residents, NIFC project partner Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI) reports. In Gaza, nearly every single aspect of health care...

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