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NIFC has multiple ways you can travel to Israel with us throughout the year: our annual week-long study tour, one-day study tours, and the Naomi Chazan Fellowship for those in their 20s and 30s.

Visiting Israel another time? NIFC is on the ground all year long and we can connect you to half-day tours and other goings on. If you’re a current donor, we can also arrange site visits and meetings with Israeli leaders for you and your family.

I honestly cannot think of a better way to tour Israel than with a New Israel Fund Study Tour. […] It increased the depth of my knowledge manyfold on issues and facts about the country and its struggles to be a more democratic and equitable society for all its inhabitants — Jewish and non-Jewish. I’d say it brought my level of understanding to a new level — but it also brought me hope! Something I was really craving as I have been a loyal supporter of Israel my entire life.
– Past NIFC study tour participant

Upcoming study tours:

Our next trip is scheduled for September 15-20, 2024! Learn more on our webpage or contact Laurence at



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