New Generations


NIFC New Generations is a community of people in their 20s and 30s who actively support the advancement of progressive civil society and democracy in Israel, equality for all those living under its authority, and an end to the occupation.


NIFC New Generations cultivates ownership over the tools of engagement, education, and philanthropy as a means to create change in Israeli civil society and create a home for likeminded 20s and 30s Canadians to engage with these subjects.



NIFC’s New Generations work is led by our Leadership Council. Click here to learn more about our Leaders.


Join us in Toronto and across Canada for events and webcasts about democracy and equality in Israel with leading figures in the field. Or find your voice in a facilitated dialogue or community event designed to foster meaningful, direct conversations about Israel, such as “Love, Hate and the Jewish State.” Other programs include movie screenings, fellowships, and Shabbat dinners where you can break bread and learn about social justice. See what’s coming up on our Events Calendar.

Naomi Chazan Fellowship

The Naomi Chazan Fellowship is a year-long program that starts with a subsidized study tour in Israel and the Occupied Territories. Back home, fellows work to engage their communities on the issues, participate in leadership seminars and join a global network of young Jewish progressives. Learn more about the Fellowship.

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Interested in connecting with other young Jews passionate about making Israel a better place? Contact Hannah Cohen at or 416-781-4322 ext. 2, or subscribe to our mailing list.

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