Human & Civil Rights

Equality for Every Citizen and Human Rights for All

NIFC works to realize Israel’s founding ideal of complete equality for all Israeli citizens, and to protect the human rights of all under Israeli authority – including asylum seekers, migrant workers, and Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.

Over the past decade, respect in Israel for democracy and human rights has declined, both among government leaders and many segments of the public. Israel’s world ranking according to measures of rights and freedoms continues to fall.

Our strategies for this issue focus on reversing restrictions on freedom of speech and expression, which underpin vibrant public debate on all issues. A second focus aims to end over 50 years of occupation by keeping the issue on the public agenda, even when it is unpopular.

Examples of recently-funded projects include the Association for Civil Rights in Israel’s legal defense for victims of economic discrimination, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel’s medical clinic for asylum seekers and refugees, and Ir Amim’s monitoring of Palestinian human rights in East Jerusalem.

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)

Protecting Social and Economic Rights

ACRI is the country’s largest and oldest civil liberties organization. Our 2022 project will assist hundreds of thousands of citizens, residents and asylum seekers in Israel, mainly via affecting policies related to health, education, and vulnerable populations in the welfare system.

Emek Shaveh

Educating about Cultural Heritage Rights in the context of the Occupation

Emek Shaveh works to prevent the politicization of archaeology in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Our 2022 project will expand Emek Shaveh’s tours in order to expand greater numbers of Israelis about this phenomenon.

Breaking the Silence

Educating Young People on the Occupation

Breaking the Silence is an organization of former IDF soldiers who use the testimonies of Israeli soldiers who served in the occupied Palestinian territories to educate the Israeli and international public about the occupation. Our 2022 project will educate young Israelis on the human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, based on information from testimonies.

Raising Awareness of Supreme Court’s Judicial Review Powers

Raising Awareness of Supreme Court’s Judicial Review Powers

With the formation of a new right-wing government, the possibility of limiting the Israeli Supreme Court’s powers to overrule unconstitutional Knesset laws is again on the agenda. At present, Israel’s Supreme Court is empowered to disqualify laws that contradict the...

Deplatforming Disinformation Accounts on Twitter

Deplatforming Disinformation Accounts on Twitter

Twitter has removed 40 fake accounts set up to influence Israel’s upcoming elections after they were exposed by NIF partner FakeReporter, which reports online activity by extremist groups. FakeReporter said that the accounts were clearly intended to influence debate...

Revealing Israel Police’s Violent Protest Dispersal Tactics

Revealing Israel Police’s Violent Protest Dispersal Tactics

Until recently, Israel Police was able to break up demonstrations without any oversight of the methods used, because procedures for dispersing protest have remained confidential. But following a petition by NIFC flagship project partner the Association for Civil...

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