New Initiatives for Democracy

Strengthening New Ideas and Leadership

NIFC works to restore Israel’s wounded democracy and foster a renewal of pro-democracy ideas, leadership, and institutions.

Over the past decade, attacks have increased by religious and public leaders against the media, the judiciary, human rights organizations, minorities, and even the very notion of equality. Our focuses in this area are diverse, but represent the most cutting-edge initiatives to cultivate new civil society leadership, develop new ideas, build new coalitions, and promote new models of change.

Examples of recently-funded projects include the Alliance for Israel’s Future’s leadership program for young progressives and Zazim’s online campaigns for fair and equal government responses to COVID-19.


Arabic Language Community Online Organizing

Zazim – Community Action has emerged as a strong people-powered campaigning community with the vision of creating a shared and equal future for Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel. Our 2020 project focuses on creating content and campaigns relevant to Israel’s minority Arab population, and build an Arab version of the website to enable equal participation and opportunity for Arabic speaking citizens of Israel. Since the health crisis began, Zazim immediately focused on ensuring equality and democracy for all residents during this emergency, such as the health needs of Palestinian citizens and asylum seekers, as well as opposing the shuttering of the judicial branch.

This is what we achieved this year together. Thank you!

This is what we achieved this year together. Thank you!

As 2020 comes to an end, a year of deep crisis across the world, we reflect on how it affects us all in profound ways. We know that this is a tough time for everyone. COVID has slowed down the rhythm of lives everywhere, but it has also exacerbated existing problems....

Demanding Accessibility for Schoolchildren

NIFC project partner Zazim – Community Action is organizing an online petition to protest the fact that hundreds of thousands of Israeli children cannot participate in remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic because they don’t have access to an internet-connected...

Israelis are calling out corruption

By Ben Murane, Executive Director Around the world, the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic have highlighted the value of effective government. Here at home, most Canadians are looking over the border at the misfortune of our southern neighbour....

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