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Israel’s new governing coalition, the country’s most extreme ever, is waging war on the values we hold most dear: democracy, equality, and justice. Our PUSHBACK FOR DEMOCRACY campaign aims to fund over $100,000 in emergency projects and to grow the Canadian movement for democracy and equality in Israel.

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Our Emergency Action Plan for the Future of Israel’s Democracy

The global network of the New Israel Fund and our civil society partners have mobilized to counter the government’s radical agenda and its consequences for Israel. 

Our three-part plan supports a vibrant opposition to the government’s agenda; protection for those defending democracy and targeted by extremists; and investment in an inclusive vision for Israel’s future. 

Rapid Response Emergency Funding

We’re funding immediate projects that confront emerging threats and fuel new grassroots initiatives that are pushing back on extremism and protecting vulnerable populations.

Coordinating & Protecting Civil Society

Our funding is helping pro-democracy organizations and activists to mobilize every sector, map threats, respond together, and operate safely amid efforts to silence their activities.

Strengthening Democratic Infrastructure

We are backing initiatives that strengthen the vision and leadership needed to advance a just, inclusive Israel over the long-term.

For over 40 years, the New Israel Fund has been the largest and most consistent investor in Israeli civil society. We have launched, incubated, and nurtured dozens of grassroots organisations that today form the front line of the pro-democracy pushback in Israel — a last line of defence for a democracy that many feel is slipping away.

1. Rapid Response Emergency Funding

The New Israel Fund has long employed rapid response funding to confront threats as they arise. In light of the current situation, NIF globally is tripling this funding pool to $1.5 million USD this year. This funding enables us to confront emerging threats and fuel new grassroots initiatives that are defending democracy, pushing back on extremism, and protecting vulnerable populations.

Examples include:

Canadian funded: After Israeli settlers violently rampaged in the Palestinian village of Huwara, an emergency project with Israel human rights group Haqel: in Defense of Human Rights is immediately increasing monitoring, legal aid, and advocacy to prevent settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank.
• Multiple recent emergency projects have supported the pro-democracy protests around the country and organized by different groups: women, the LGBTQ community, anti-occupation activists, Jewish-Arab allies, and those in the social and geographic periphery.

2. Coordinating and Protecting Civil Society

The New Israel Fund has long invested in building coalitions and partnerships. Right now, we are building a central hub for pro-democracy organizations and activists. Our work is growing to include an array of services – legal aid, mental health support, crisis communications, and enhanced cyber security – to enable NGOs and activists to operate safely amid efforts to delegitimize them and silence their activities.

Examples include:

Canadian funded: The Forum Against the Exclusion of Women is an NIF-facilitated coalition of Israel’s 17 most important women’s rights and religious freedom groups that is mobilizing against efforts to roll back a wide swath of women’s and LGBTQ rights and to advance religious control over public spaces.
• NIF is responding to threats to freedom of expression and speech, freedom of association, and other civil rights with partners such as the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) and the Human Rights Defenders Fund (HRDF).

3. Strengthening Pro-Democracy Infrastructure

In addition to efforts to address the short-term threats, we are also backing initiatives that strengthen the vision and leadership needed to advance a just, inclusive Israel over the long-term.

Leadership Development: The cultivation of new progressive leaders and innovative social change strategies is necessary for the pro-democracy camp. Projects developing leadership serve to strengthen emerging leaders with a deeper commitment to Jewish-Arab and cross-sector partnerships. Other projects develop leadership specifically for Palestinian citizens and ultra-Orthodox women.
Canadian funded: Though a collaboration with the Heschel Center and the Arava Institute, the Sustainability Partnerships Program educates 20+ individuals from eight organizations over nine months as they study social change successes around the world and craft joint campaigns on gender equality, labor rights, religious freedom, and especially Jewish-Arab partnership.
Canadian funded: Rawabit (“Connections” in Arabic) is a year-long leadership program designed by NIF’s Shatil department to develop young Palestinians who have the potential to lead social change from within. In addition to trainings, each participant leads a new initiative in their community.

Grassroots Movements and Campaigns: Citizen-led movements form the bedrock of Israel’s democracy and are essential to mobilizing society and holding the powerful accountable.
• Partners including Omdim Beyachad-Naqef Ma’an (Standing Together), Zazim – Community Action, the Citizens’ Headquarters, and Mehazkim have emerged as the core of Israel’s pro-democracy movement.

Development of Ideas and Policies: The proliferation and clout of right-wing, conservative think tanks is evident: the Kohelet Policy Forum essentially drafted this government’s radical agenda. We are partnering with Israeli liberal think tanks to provide an alternative vision for Israel’s future and formulate a course of action for realizing it.
• Partners in this area include Mitvim: The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies, Zulat – Equality and Human Rights, the Berl Katznelson Foundation, and others.

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