On November 13th, we learned that Israeli-Canadian Vivian Silver – believed captured in Gaza – was murdered in her home in Be’eri. It took 5 weeks for them to identify her body.

Vivian has been an inspiration to the NIF family since before October 7th. She was a woman of compassion, humanity and an endless, deep and lasting commitment to Jewish-Arab partnership and to peace. Our hearts have been ripped out.

On social media right now, tributes to Vivian by dozens of her Israeli colleagues are being shared and reshared literally in the thousands. News articles are exposing her life’s work to millions.

We’ve collected some of those tributes online here.

Canadian Israeli peace activist Vivian Silver, feared to be held hostage, confirmed killed in Hamas attacks by CBC News

Vivian Silver, a Canadian-Israeli believed to have been taken hostage by Hamas, was murdered on Oct. 7 by the Canadian Jewish News

A tribute to Vivian by Samah Salaime in +972 Magazine

Flag lowered for Vivian Silver by the University of Manitoba

From Campus to Kibbutz: Vivian Silver’s legacy as a Jewish student leader by New Voices Magazine

Shatil Spotlight: A Peace Activist Held Captive by Hamas by Shatil

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Click here to see full thread on Twitter