Study Tour FAQs

Thank you for your interest in the New Israel Fund of Canada’s study tours. Below you will find answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you have a question not addressed below, please contact Laurence Barchichat at or 416-781-4322 ext. 3.

What are the goals of the study tour program?
Study Tours are designed for current and prospective donors to learn about NIFC’s work in an intensive and meaningful way. We are committed to introducing our supporters and friends to the extraordinary activists on the ground who are paving the way for a stronger and more democratic Israel.

What does the price of the trip include?
The tour includes good hotel accommodations; breakfast and an average of one additional meal daily; ground transportation, professional tour guides, program costs, reading materials, and entrance fees. Participants arrange their own transportation to Israel. Wifi and basic gratuities are often extra costs while travelling in Israel.

Is a donation to NIFC included in the cost of the trip?
No, the fee reflects the actual costs to NIFC to operate the study tour. However, we hope the program will inspire you to increase your level of support.

What is your cancellation policy?
NIFC will fully refund your fees in the event that we cancel the trip. We reserve the right to cancel a trip in two instances: 1) if an insufficient number of travellers have signed up, or; 2) if we deem there are safety or health concerns that require trip cancellation. In either case, we will refund all deposits and payments.

In the event of a pandemic-related cancellation, including if a participant is unable to attend due to COVID, we will refund all payments. Please see below for more information about COVID-19 policies.

If a participant chooses to cancel their registration:
– Before March 1st: We will fully refund all fees paid to NIFC
– Before April 1st: We will refund 50% of all fees paid to NIFC
– Before May 8th: We will refund 20% of all fees paid to NIFC

I am travelling alone. Why do I have to pay for a “single supplement”?
The cost of each hotel room is based on double occupancy. When you travel alone, you bear the full cost of accommodations on your own.

Can I be matched with a roommate to avoid the single supplement?
Upon request, we will do our best to match you with a roommate. However, these arrangements depend on other participants’ willingness to share a room. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that a match will be found.

Can you accommodate someone who keeps kosher?
Many restaurants and hotels in Israel are kosher certified, but not all. At times we stay in hotels and eat in restaurants that are not kosher. Vegetarian options are offered at all meals.

Will I have time to sightsee and shop on my own?
While most of our time is devoted to visiting NIFC’s project partners and meeting and hearing from speakers, we do visit some tourist attractions and shopping stops along the way. If you’ve never been to Israel before, we recommend extending your stay before or after the study tour.

Can I break away from the group and visit family during the tour?
Our preference, in order for you to get the most out of our trip and limit disruptions to the group, is to limit your break-away time to either the free evenings we have in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, or to plan personal visits for Shabbat (Saturday).

Is the tour physically demanding?
If you are looking for accessibility information, please be in touch with Laurence Barchichat and accommodations can be made in most circumstances.

Study tours are not strenuous, but do require mobility. While trips do not include hiking or prolonged periods of exertion, we do spend time walking around communities, and some of our meetings are held in buildings with stairs but no elevators. By the very nature of Israel’s hilly terrain and older cities, it can sometimes be difficult to get around for those who have accessibility challenges.

Can I go on a study tour if I have health problems?
If you have any questions about your ability to travel based on health concerns, please consult with your doctor. You should make sure your domestic health insurance covers you while travelling abroad, or purchase an international medical policy. If you need medical assistance while on the study tour, NIFC will do its best to direct you to a hospital or doctor, but NIFC cannot take responsibility for health care provision while you are travelling.

What is the average age of participants?
Participants generally range in age from 40s through 80s.

Can families with children go on a study tour?
Our standard study tours are not geared toward families travelling with young children.

COVID-19 Policies
All participants must be fully vaccinated, required under the travel guidelines of both Canada and Israel.
If a participant is unable to attend due to contracting or being exposed to COVID-19, we will refund all payments that have been made to NIFC. Participants are responsible for their own flights — we strongly encourage participants to purchase cancellation insurance in case travel plans are disrupted due to COVID-19.
Participants are solely responsible for ensuring that they meet all of Israel’s current entry requirements, including purchasing medical insurance. Please see here for Israel’s entry requirements.

Masking and distancing policies on the trip will be in accordance with the public health guidelines at the time. While we will do our very best to ensure a safe trip, participants should be aware that the atmosphere in Israel may be different than in Canada at the time of travel, and we cannot control all the locations that our trip visits. Please be in touch with Laurence at if you have further questions.