Israel’s extremist government is not slowing down – despite 500,000 protestors and wall-to-wall opposition from Israelis of all kinds and diaspora Jewry.

Here in Canada, the majority of Jewish Canadians oppose this government’s policies too. Chances are, your friends and family are also worried and seeking ways to help. The vast majority of Canadian Jews agree with you and me that the court overhaul is wrong. But we know that even vast public support doesn’t lead to change unless people are connected to action.

We need your help to grow the Canadian movement for Israeli democracy.

Ministers in Israel’s new government are wasting no time targeting marginalized people in Israel and living under Israel’s control — Palestinians, women, Israel’s Arab citizens, LGBTQ+ communities, and many others. But every day, people are taking to the streets to speak out and reject the racism, homophobia, and authoritarianism propagated by the new government.

Will you add your name in solidarity with these people right now?

I, [Your Name]:

  1. Reject racism of every form that seeks to demean others and serve as justification for unjust laws
  2. Reject homophobia that seeks to silence and diminish our LGBTQ+ friends, family and neighbors
  3. Reject authoritarianism being promoted by Israeli government officials that seeks to undermine the principles of Israel’s democracy and censor opponents.