The New Israel Fund of Canada is proud of our work defending refugee rights in Israel. Together with hundreds of Canadian Jews who have joined in efforts with Israeli activists, we are working to protect the rights Canadians and Israelis cherish.
Canadians donated thousands of dollars towards emergency needs of Israeli NGOs opposing the cruel deportation plan that would have sent up to 37,000 people to countries where they would have faced serious risks to their safety and lives. This would have happened without Israel even reviewing their asylum applications. In response, the New Israel Fund of Canada brought together Canadian rabbis to join nearly 1,000 Jewish clergy around the world in signing a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has caved to the most extreme elements of his coalition by cancelling a workable solution with the UN. He has resorted to scapegoating others in order to score political points.
We at NIFC are proud of our work and our supporters in Canada who make that work possible. We’re proud, as well, of our Israeli partners, and proud to stand on the right side of history.