7 October 2023

The New Israel Fund, in Canada and around the world, is shocked and horrified by today’s attack on Israel. We stand in support and solidarity with the people of Israel on this dark and difficult day. We pray for all those who have been affected by this terrible attack, and for a swift end to this violence. We and our funded partners will continue to work for peace, to calm tensions between Israel’s communities, and to support the most vulnerable people in Israel at this moment of crisis.

NIF in Israel is already moving to provide emergency support to grantee organizations and community groups on the frontlines working to help those need at this moment, to reinforce solidarity between Jews and Arabs in Israel, and to counter any kind of extremism, racism, or inter-communal violence. Our colleagues in the Be’er Sheva office in the south of Israel are hard at work, even as the violence continues, to support those civil society organizations shining a light during this dark time.

We at NIF are a global community and we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Israel.

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