On Monday February 20th, the Knesset passed the first reading of a series of judicial amendments introduced by Justice Minister Yariv Levin that begin the process of overhauling Israel’s judiciary. The amendments, if they pass their second and third readings, will give politicians control over the committee that selects judges and would prevent the High Court of Justice from exercising judicial review over laws that the Knesset designates as pseudo-constitutional “Basic Laws”.

In response, NIF in Israel issued the following statement: “Today will be remembered as a blow to the public’s faith in the legitimacy of Israel’s Knesset. The extreme right-wing government’s legislation will transform Israel’s regime into the tyranny of a predatory majority. But this fight isn’t over.

“The struggle for Israel’s democracy will continue and grow stronger in the face of this anti-democratic coup against the judicial system, the media, civil society, and for marginalized communities. The mobilization of so many Israelis from diverse backgrounds for the uncompromising struggle for democracy is a ray of hope. Together with Israeli civil society organizations that refuse to give up hope, the New Israel Fund will continue to invest in Israeli society and fight for the soul of the State of Israel.”