Shared Society & Combating Racism

Fostering More Than Just Coexistence

NIFC works to advance a society in Israel that is truly shared among its citizens, and to combating racism and discrimination against minorities all kinds, including non-citizens residing in Israel.

The deepest rift in Israeli society is between Jewish and Palestinian citizens (sometimes called Israeli Arabs). In addition, there are troubling disconnects and enmities between Jewish sectors of the public.

Our strategy focuses on creating shared spaces for Jews and Arabs at the national and local levels, including in the media, and on delegitimizing expressions of racism in the general population and by public figures.

Examples of recently-funded projects include Tag Meir’s solidarity visits to victims of price tag attacks and terrorism.

Tag Meir: The Light Tag Forum

Distress Relief for Victims of Hate Crimes Through Solidarity Visits and Community Events

Tag Meir is a coalition comprised of 48 organizations from across the religious-secular spectrum that works to combat “price tag” attacks and hate crimes. Our 2022 project will provide urgent support visits to victims of hate crimes, as well as events that demonstrate solidarity between all types of Israelis.

New Israel Fund's Shatil

Directors of Shared Society Forum

Shatil is the operating arm of the New Israel Fund that strengthens the forces building a just, democratic and shared society in Israel. Our 2022 project will convene the directors of Israel’s leading shared society organizations and influential activists to collaborate and ensure coordination, in order to strengthen the shared society sector.

The Association for Ethiopian Jews

Fighting Racism against and Promoting Opportunities for the Ethiopian Israeli Community

The Association for Ethiopian Jews combats racism against the Ethiopian community in Israel. Our 2022 project will address police brutality and police profiling towards Ethiopian Israelis, and promote the employment of Ethiopian Israelis in the public and high-tech sectors.

Standing Up for Democracy Beyond the Supreme Court

Standing Up for Democracy Beyond the Supreme Court

“We will persecute you!” shouted Jewish Power Member of Knesset Limor Son Har-Melech at the director of a youth village during a Knesset discussion. Almog Cohen, another Jewish Power MK, added “We will come to you and blow up the summer camp!” Earlier this month, the...

Rectifying Taxi Discrimination

Rectifying Taxi Discrimination

Photo courtesy of Jerusalem Facebook page Three years ago, NIFC project partner the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) of the Reform Movement in Israel brought a huge class action lawsuit against the Gett Taxi app. The app had developed a service for Jerusalemites...

Empowering Leadership for Shared Society

Empowering Leadership for Shared Society

Courtesy of Shatil staff Mass expulsions from unrecognized villages, Muslims barred from Al-Aqsa Mosque, and free reign given to Jewish militant vigilantes. These are some of the worst-case scenarios that shared society NGO CEOs envisioned in a Shatil-guided...

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