Naomi Chazan Fellowship FAQs

Thank you for your interest in the Naomi Chazan Fellowship. Below you will find answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you have a question not addressed below, please contact Hannah Cohen at

Why does this trip exist?
The times are changing. More and more young Jews are demanding that when they visit Israel on organized trips, they encounter the complex realities, including the occupation, that are central to understanding Israel today. Showing these realities to young people isn’t new for NIF. It’s baked into our DNA. We understand that young people are eager to engage with an Israel that isn’t whitewashed or sanitized. That’s because they’re asking the same questions about fairness, equal rights, and social justice in Israel that they ask at home. They’re eager to build relationships with their Israeli and Palestinian counterparts on the basis of shared values, and they’re eager to work alongside the activists and leaders advancing human rights, equality, and justice.

Who is the fellowship for?
The fellowship is for emerging leaders in the Canadian Jewish community who are aligned with NIFC’s values and want to increase their leadership and involvement with NIFC and the Canadian Jewish community. The fellowship is open to individuals in their 20s and 30s anywhere in Canada. While having travelled to Israel and Palestine previously is not a criteria for eligibility, this trip is not a tourist trip and we will not visit the typical tourist sites.

What is asked of me as a fellow?

  • Actively participate in study tour from January 10-17, 2024.
  • Pay or raise $500 towards the $8,000 per person program cost.
  • Attend four fellowship seminars, one before the trip and three after the trip (either virtual or in your city).
  • Plan and help produce three projects to engage the Canadian Jewish community about Israel.
  • Attend NIFC events throughout the year – we understand that you won’t be able to come to all events but we are expecting active participation throughout the year.
  • For the year, you will be an NIFC leader, visible in our leadership, communications, events.
  • Represent the values and positions of NIFC.

What do fellows receive?

  • An eight-day study tour to Israel and Palestine
  • First-hand experience and in-depth knowledge of NIFC’s issue areas, partners, and projects throughout Israel
  • An opportunity to play a role in advancing positive social change in Israel
  • Opportunities to meet and build relationships with Israeli and Palestinian activists and leaders from the human rights and social change community
  • Networking opportunities to forge connections and partnerships with Israeli, Palestinian, and international peers and leaders, and to join an international community of like-minded activists
  • Platforms for leadership and speaking opportunities within the Canadian Jewish community and NIFC’s networks

What are you looking for in participants?
The program is open to outstanding people in their 20s and 30s who can demonstrate the following:

  • Active engagement with Israel and Palestine, preferably including having travelled to the region previously and possessing a solid understanding of the issues affecting Israeli society
  • Skills and experience in leadership and activism, and a keen interest in applying these within the Canadian Jewish community
  • Professional and/or voluntary experience relevant to the planning and execution of effective activities in areas such as fundraising, communications, and community organizing
  • A strong affinity for NIFC’s values and mission, and a desire and ability to act as ambassadors for NIFC

What will we do on the eight days?
Click here for a draft itinerary.

Who else will I be travelling with?
Participants will include other small cohorts from the US, UK, and Australia.

What does the trip to Israel and Palestine include?
NIFC will cover all the costs associated with this eight-day trip, including a flight, accommodation, ground transportation, and meals. You will likely be matched with a roommate in hotels.

Why are we asking you to pay $500?
NIFC is covering almost the entirety of the fellowship, including an eight-day trip to Israel. To help with the costs and to indicate your commitment to the fellowship, we are asking for a contribution of $500 CAD towards these costs.

Can you accommodate someone who keeps kosher?
Many restaurants and hotels in Israel are kosher certified, but not all. At times we stay in hotels and eat in restaurants that are not kosher. Vegetarian options are offered at all meals.

Will I have time to sightsee and shop on my own?
There is very little time for sightseeing or alone time on this trip.

Can I break away from the group and visit family during the tour?
No. If you would like to visit family, we recommend you extend your trip.

Is the tour physically demanding?
Study tours are not strenuous, but do require mobility. While trips do not include hiking or prolonged periods of exertion, we do spend time walking around communities, and some of our meetings are held in buildings with stairs but no elevators. By the very nature of Israel’s hilly terrain and older cities, it can sometimes be difficult to get around for those who have accessibility challenges. Please contact Hannah at if you have questions about accessibility.