Current Projects in Israel

Together, we support projects and programs in Israel that fight for social and economic justice, religious freedom, civil and human rights, shared society and anti-racism, Palestinian citizens, and democracy itself.


Human & Civil Rights

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)

Securing Social and Economic Rights in Israel

ACRI is the country’s largest and oldest civil liberties organization. Our 2021 project will assist vulnerable Israelis by advocating for the basic right of electricity for all; ensuring fair due process in the welfare system and protecting the rights of parents of at-risk children; and working to reduce gaps in the availability and accessibility of health care services between the central and peripheral regions of the country.

Breaking the Silence

Educating Students and Young Israelis About the Occupation

Breaking the Silence is an organization of former IDF soldiers who use the testimonies of Israeli soldiers who served in the occupied Palestinian territories to educate the Israeli and international public about the occupation. Our 2021 project will educate young Israelis on the human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, based on information from testimonies.

B'Tselem - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

Video Camera Project

B’Tselem is one of Israel’s most prominent human rights organizations which strives to end Israel’s occupation through publishing credible information and analysis on human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories. Our 2021 project will train and equip Palestinian volunteers as videographers to document their lives under occupation, and conduct public outreach work using video documentation.

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel

Mobilizing the Medical Community in Israel

Physicians for Human Rights (PHRI) delivers medical services to and raises awareness about underserved populations in Israel. Our 2021 project will mobilize the medical community in Israel in order to promote greater access to health-related rights and services for vulnerable populations.

Shared Society & Combating Racism

Tag Meir: The Light Tag Forum

Distress Relief for Victims of Hate Crimes Through Solidarity Visits and Community Events

Tag Meir is a coalition comprised of 48 organizations from across the religious-secular spectrum that works to combat “price tag” attacks and hate crimes. Our 2021 project will provide urgent support visits to victims of hate crimes, as well as events that demonstrate solidarity between all types of Israelis.

Palestinian Citizens of Israel

Bimkom – Planners For Planning Rights

Advancing Recognition and Proper Planning of Bedouin Villages

Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights strengthens democracy and human rights in the field of special planning and housing policies in the Negev. Bimkom employs municipal planners, architects, geographers, engineers, and legal advisors to provide professional assistance to unrecognized Bedouin villages. Our 2021 project will assist four villages: Wadi al-Naam, presently facing displacement; al-Zarnouk; Hirbet el Watan; and el-Ghara.

Women Against Violence (WAV)

Addressing Gender-Based Violence and Promoting Gender Equality in Arab Society

Women Against Violence works to eradicate the phenomenon of violence against female Palestinian citizens of Israel. Our 2021 project will work to combat gender-based violence, which has been on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic, by developing an online chat crisis hotline for victims to report or seek help, and organizing youth workshops to raise awareness about gender equality and gender-based violence.

Follow-Up Committee for Arab Education

Support and Assistance to Educators in the Arab Sector

The Follow-Up Committee on Arab Education is the leading NGO supporting Israel’s Arab school system, which receives half the funding per student, compared to the Jewish school systems. Our 2021 emergency project will help the Arab educational system react to the crisis in relations between Jewish and Palestinian citizens by providing tools and training to Arab educators in mixed towns.


Israel Hofsheet (Be Free Israel)

Center for Training and New Initiatives

Israel Hofsheet is the leading grassroots organization in Israel that works on issues of religious freedom, including freedom of marriage, segregation of women, and LGTBQ rights. Our 2021 project will run training courses for young adults to develop the skills to be effective leaders in the field of religious freedom, and to provide existing grassroots leaders with guidance and support.

New Israel Fund's Shatil

Forum Against the Exclusion of Women – Educational Resources for a Generation Opposed to the Exclusion of Women

Shatil is the operating arm of the New Israel Fund that strengthens the forces building a just, democratic and shared society in Israel. Our 2021 project will create resources for educators and others to teach the importance of gender equity and inclusion.

New Initiatives for Democracy

The Social Economic Academy (SEA)

Research to Advance Socioeconomic Justice

The Social Economic Academy strengthens the base of support for equality in Israel by increasing access to knowledge and engaging diverse segments in Israeli society. Our 2021 project, in partnership with the Berlkatznelson Center, will develop and disseminate policy-driven research to advance socioeconomic equality at the public, media, and policy levels.

Social & Economic Justice

New Israel Fund's Shatil

Promoting Social and Economic Opportunities in Israel’s Northern Periphery

Shatil is the operating arm of the New Israel Fund that strengthens the forces building a just, democratic and shared society in Israel. Our 2021 project will aim to bridge the gaps in health care in northern Israel by building the capacity of health activists in the north through trainings and partnerships.

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