Current Projects in Israel

When you support NIFC this year, you’re supporting a network of organizations and activists in Israel working to bolster socioeconomic equality, religious freedom, civil and human rights, shared society and anti-racism, Palestinian citizens, and democracy for all of Israel’s residents.

This year, the New Israel Fund of Canada is funding projects in Israel with organizations fighting for democracy and equality. All of our projects have pivoted their work to respond to the global health crisis and are working harder than ever to ensure that democracy and equality in Israel are protected.

You may notice some changes to the way we structure our issue areas. More news on that coming soon.

Human & Civil Rights

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)

Litigation to Protect Human Rights on Social & Economic Issues

ACRI is the country’s largest and oldest civil liberties organization. Our 2020 project assists those who are victims of economic discrimination through legal advocacy and public outreach related to racial profiling, gaps in health services, and the criminal justice system. During the current crisis, ACRI is protecting the most vulnerable on issues like health in prisons, health services to all residents in Jerusalem, and access to disability benefits.

Ir Amim: “City of Nations”

Palestinian Housing Rights in East Jerusalem

Ir Amim, whose name means “City of Nations,” seeks to make Jerusalem more equitable for Palestinian residents through policy monitoring and public education. Our 2020 project focuses on the data collection, monitoring, and public education about home demolitions and the lack of public services in East Jerusalem – critical factors in stemming the current health crisis.

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I)

Providing Access to Health Care to Disadvantaged Populations

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) delivers medical services and advocates for health issues in underserved populations. Our 2020 project focuses on health services to status-less people, such as asylum-seekers and refugees in South Tel Aviv, by providing urgently-needed medical services and information. During the current health crisis, our project is fully focused on COVID-related information, advocacy, and testing for these populations.

Shared Society & Combating Racism

Tag Meir: The Light Tag Forum

Solidarity Visits to Victims and Survivors of Racial Violence Incidents

Tag Meir is a coalition comprised of 48 organizations from across the religious-secular spectrum that works to combat “price tag” attacks and hate crimes. Our project provides urgent response visits to victims of hate crimes, as well as events that demonstrate solidarity between all types of Israelis. Tag Meir has shifted their urgent responses to the needs of the current emergency: food for asylum seekers and refugees and delivery of masks to communities in need.

Palestinian Citizens of Israel

Bimkom – Planners For Planning Rights

Advancing Recognition and Proper Planning of Bedouin Villages

Bikmom – Planners for Planning Rights strengthens human rights in the field of urban planning and housing policies in the Negev. Bimkom employs planners, engineers, and legal advisors to help unrecognized Bedouin villages to secure essential services. This year, our project is assisting two villages, including one facing immanent eviction — important work which continues amidst the current crisis.

New Israel Fund's Shatil Department

Strengthening Arab Civil Society in Israel

Shatil is the operating arm of the New Israel Fund in supporting the social change sector as a whole, including training for organizations and activists. Our 2020 project bolsters the capacity of Arab civil society groups via trainings on social change tools, work plan development and implementation, and other capacity building initiatives. During the current crisis, Shatil has quickly shifted to helping Arab civil society organizations adapt and continue their crucial work for Palestinian citizens.


The Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC)

Legal Assistance and Advocacy for the LGBT Community

The Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) – the advocacy arm of the Reform Movement in Israel — is the country’s preeminent civil and human rights organization focusing on the issues of religion and state. Our 2020 project aims to decrease incitement against the LGBT community, support pride efforts, and promote equal rights for LGBT couples seeking immigration and adoption. In the current crisis, this vital work continues.

Social and Economic Justice

Adva Center

Education on Social and Economic Rights

The Adva Center monitors inequality in Israel’s budgets and social services, while its educational programs empower marginalized groups to participate in policy-making. Our 2020 project educates the public with a focus on gender issues and the cost of the occupation. In the current crisis, our project is providing much-needed information on pre-existing social gaps in Israel.

New Initiatives for Democracy


Arabic Language Community Online Organizing

Zazim – Community Action has emerged as a strong people-powered campaigning community with the vision of creating a shared and equal future for Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel. Our 2020 project focuses on creating content and campaigns relevant to Israel’s minority Arab population, and build an Arab version of the website to enable equal participation and opportunity for Arabic speaking citizens of Israel. Since the health crisis began, Zazim immediately focused on ensuring equality and democracy for all residents during this emergency, such as the health needs of Palestinian citizens and asylum seekers, as well as opposing the shuttering of the judicial branch.

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